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EZ DOCK docks


As the world's leading producer and innovator of PWC ports, EZ Dock revolutionized PWC docking and launching with the introduction of the EZ Port®, the original, drive-on personal watercraft lift in 1996. Our patented design pioneered the use of adaptable rollers, perfected the self-centering split entry and created the modular inline system for easily and efficiently storing multiple PWCs. We offer the new model EZ Port VXP and limited quantity the kayak launch.

Designed for Easy Installation

Sections and accessories have a minimum of components and require just a few hand tools to install.

Dimensions Weight

A. 40" x 5' x 15" 100 lbs. B. 40" x 10' x 15" 190 lbs. C. 60" x 10' x 15" 285 lbs. D. 80" x 10' x 15" 375 lbs. E. 60" x 10' x 15" 210 lbs.

Rugged, Durable Construction

Extra-thick polyethylene sections provide superior resistance to impacts and temperature extremes. Patented connection method allows sections to move independently under extreme stress conditions and eliminates fatigue problems common to other floating designs.

Friendly to people, boats and the environment

Special texture, grid pattern and drain channels prevent standing water and provide a non-slip walking surface. Beige colour absorbs less heat to stay cool to the touch. No sharp edges to injure people or damage boats. Advanced engineering eliminates the need to use questionable materials like treated lumber and foams. No formaldehyde to leach into water, no foam to escape!

Low maintenance

No rotting lumber to replace, No floatation drums to sink. Linear Low Density Polyethylene with UV stabilizers is specifically formulated for outdoor use. Not harmed by gas or oil, won't deteriorate from exposure to Ultra-Violet light and resists temperature extremes. Highly buoyant sections displace only 2" of water, so they are unaffected by most ice conditions. In many cases docks can be left in all year.

Safe and stable

Because floatation is distributed evenly throughout the entire installation, the dock tends to span the crest of waves instead of "riding" them like floatation barrels with decking will. The dock feels very stable even in heavy wind and wave conditions.

Strong, yet flexible

Special connection design allows sections to move independently under extreme stress conditions, yet provides a unitized effect. Made from 90%+ recycled material, the couplers also eliminate fatigue problems common to ordinary designs.

Safe, clean surface

No splintered wood, rusty nails, or sharp edges to injure people or mar boats. Special texturing and grid pattern delivers a surface coefficient of friction result that exceeds the ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirement, wet or dry. Drain troughs on deck prevent standing water.

Secure attachments

Heavy-duty stainless steel T-nuts are molded in pairs around section perimeters. Each T-nut provides more than 1-ton of holding power. Tie-down cleats, curbing, or other accessories are easily attached.

Extra-durable, resilient material

The extra-thick deck and wall deliver maximum durability and reduce distortion. Even more thickness is built into radius areas for additional strength where impacts occur. Virgin polyethylene with UV inhibitors is specifically formulated for outdoor use. Not harmed by gas or oil, won't rot or become brittle, & remains flexible to 130 degrees below zero. If ever damaged, sections are on-site repairable.

Colour will determine the temperature of your dock!

Dark colours absorb and hold heat. Light coloured objects reflect heat so they stay cooler. Not only is this important to bare feet, it protects the dock as well; an over-heated Poly-type dock can become soft, and be prone to distortion.

Versatile Modular design

The EZ Dock System is easily configured to suit most any need. Combine various size sections and accessories to create a simple swim platform or an elaborate multiple-slip marina. Extensive choice of accessories Customize your set-up to suit your needs perfectly. Choose from a wide variety of anchoring systems, gangway sizes, railing styles and more.